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08.11 | 06:21

The Australian community is in for a world of long overdue pain. It is wholly its own fault for which I have nil sympathy.

08.11 | 06:15

Thanks indeed for the comment. I do agree that we badly need to 'clean out the swamp'. Trump certainly stirred those fetid waters.

08.11 | 05:22

I agree with the general thrust of your comments but the Australian community believes the governments can deliver without pain and there will be a lot of pain up ahead.

07.11 | 11:17

Nice job on the essay John, but regardless of his positions, Dutton is too much a cretin of the past, he also looks like the walking dead. We don't need more career politicians, we need a Trump.

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6. Nov, 2022

Like Scrooge’s door knocker, let there be no misunderstanding, Menzies’ Liberal Party as we knew it, is dead. So my specific question is: ‘Whither Now?’
Will the current Federal Liberal leader and Leader of the Opposition, Peter Dutton, prove to be the party’s Sexton or its Resurrectionist?

24. Aug, 2022

There is a foul smelling canker rotting the body of Australian society. It is fed by the money and ignorance of all Australians and it resides, quietly and unobtrusively, in the Hallowed Halls of one this country’s most prestigious institutions, the University of Melbourne.
In short, that university is funding and supporting, thereby imbuing with legitimacy, a programme to train cultural activists whose sole intent is the total deconstruction of Australian history, culture, traditions, and heritage.
This cankerous research programme, supported by the University of Melbourne beggar’s belief: it is overtly political; it is socially divisive; it is unscholarly and it is inherently negative. You can read about is here.

29. Jul, 2022

I usually avoid discussing matters relating to the daily grind but, in these grainy days of growing inflation and the lack of readies, I intend to address an important bread and butter issue.

4. Jul, 2022

The story is about the Rev. Bernard Randall, a school chaplain [2015 - 2020] fired from his job at Trent College, a Church of England School in Nottingham: His crime? To deliver a sermon in which he told pupils that they did not need to accept LGBT ideology if they felt it went against their beliefs or the beliefs of the Church.

His story is the story of yet a further step we have taken towards totalitarianism. I have appended his sermon which caused the fuss. Read it and realise the fragility of those who would enslave us.

22. Jun, 2022

Just when we thought we could forget about the appalling Morrison a bleak joke recently appeared to remind us of his truly atrocious tenure as Prime Minister – Ita Buttrose.

Respected and much loved and totally misplaced as head of the ABC she committed last Friday what, in that organisation, evidently constitutes a cardinal sin. Guilty or not? This could be a lapsus linguae coming your way.

22. May, 2022

Well the election has come and gone. Our cumbersome farce and so overly democratic electoral system, ceasing to be representative in any meaningful manner, has delivered us into the hands of a new set of the ineffable Chesterton’s ‘unhappy Lords’.

11. Apr, 2022

If you share my general disgust with all politicians and all their doings, I urge you to exercise your considered choice in this election. I know we have a crock of inconsequence to choose from, but as each election cycle spews out less attractive candidates than the previous one, the very least we can do is to make a concerted endeavour to leaven the moral fibre of those who seek to govern us.

14. Mar, 2022

Some of you might have noticed International Women’s Day last week. I was reminded of it whilst at the dentist of all places. I was later delighted to be attracted to the following headline from Britain: Two Labour frontbenchers were unable to define what a woman is during media interviews this week.
The promise of the story did not disappoint. Evidently this duo of yoyo’s, being interviewed on International Women’s Day, made damn fools of themselves in their complete inability to define the meaning of ‘woman’.

30. Nov, 2021

Last week an interesting news piece crossed my desk. Later that day a friend of mine, by chance, handed me sheaf of old news-clippings from America. The commonality between these - drugs.

Reading through these totally different accounts brought home to me a pivotal geopolitical problem of our time – the notion of ‘asymmetric warfare’.

It is unsurprising that the radical Islamic Shiite axis in the Middle East is working on a strategy to strengthen and increase its offensive power against Israel from bases in Syria and Lebanon. The Iranians are coordinating and working closely with various Shiite militias and Hezbollah to place advanced weapons of war on Syrian and Lebanese soil. These include precision guided surface-to-surface missiles, cruise missiles and drones. These constitute the valid formal weapons of war.

They are however increasingly adding to their arsenal another weapon of attack – the "weapon" of drugs. The following account might be of some interest.

27. Sep, 2021

I attended a rugby international last Saturday night. It was a wonderful evening that brought back many memories. It also brought to mind what I consider to be a fitting metaphor to describe a serious deficiency in our body politic. You might care to see if you agree with me.

26. Aug, 2021

Postmodernist critique and the Taliban would seem unlikely bedfellows. To my delight I found a wonderful piece of nonsense the other day which I share and discuss for your intellectual delectation.

18. Aug, 2021

Today, as many of you might know, is Viet Nam Veterans Day in Australia. This year, another set of geopolitical failures and moral cowardice exemplify what today should be all about.

I commence the day with an extremely dirty taste in my mouth. Yet again we are bound to seek and pray for expiation.

19. Jul, 2021

I would like to draw your attention to Two Shades of Reality:
The daily reality in Indonesia: a population of 270.20 million people, a broken health system, a desperate shortage of medical supplies and hospitals running out of oxygen.
The daily reality in Australia: Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner lays down a controversial ruling set to become a national test case.
Compare and contrast!

14. Jul, 2021

The One Party State of Western Australia has finally shown it's true colours. It drew its sword against Christians in the picturesque south coastal town of Albany.

1. Jul, 2021

I have been watching the advances of the Taliban and the concomitant demoralisation of the government forces with deja vu. It is for many of us a profoundly depressing time.

I have not resiled in my condemnation of our political masters over this matter. My article might contain one of two points that might be of interest to you and I raise a couple of matters that should make us ashamed of our international stage-strutting diplomacy. Read and be sorrowful for those we left behind.

24. Apr, 2021

Working on my book this morning, my deliberations on Mr Hobbes were interrupted by a breaking news story about another lockdown in Western Australia.
Yet again, by the hands of the Labor Premier of that state, this country’s liberal democratic federation is traduced.
You might consider my thoughts on Mr Hobbes and the use of parliamentary dunnies apposite.

21. Apr, 2021

Earlier this year I was confounded to read in Arts and Letters Daily that in the United States there is a movement in some university classics departments to purge the teaching of classics of its emphasis on white privilege and its inherent racism. Appalled at this utter nonsense on the 6th of March I penned a response, as below. Unsurprisingly I have received no acknowledgement. I confess this is lengthy piece but I do hope you find it worthwhile.

13. Apr, 2021

One would have to be a first-class nit to deny that intellectual intolerance and intellectual absurdity are but two of the defining pillars of contemporary society. For a trip into nonsensicality I take two recent examples to illustrate the parlous state of our belles-lettres. The first is an article in today’s Australian newspaper [13 April] and another is a news story of last month [March 2021].

31. Jan, 2021

In my experience the first month of a new year provides a lunatic backdrop for the remainder of the year – this year is certainly no exception.

Setting aside the ongoing tragedy, politics and mismanagement of the pandemic – about which enough has been written – the international community has been witness to some extraordinary events in the United States and some very ‘ordinary’ events in Australia. I offer comment on a select cross-section of these stories which I consider to be outstanding examples of lunacy and/or great sadness.

20. Nov, 2020

Yes I am angry. I am extremely angry at the forthcoming war crime show trials of some Australian troops that served in Afghanistan. This essay is not a considered legal or even moral discourse – those are complicated subjects and the details are not yet at hand. This essay is rather an expression of my disgust at the failure of the chain of command centring at the top.

6. Nov, 2020

My great concern is that the brouhaha of the election temporarily extinguished the detail of many election promises – explicit or implicit. I am concerned that many of those that voted specifically ‘against’ Trump overlooked the fact that they voted instead for the entire baggage and expectations of the Democrat left.

30. Oct, 2020

So, Queenslanders are going to the polls tomorrow - auspicious or symbolic - Halloween - when all fools come out to play. Irrespective of the result, nothing will change however - you might be interested in my take. Non-Australians might be interested in this particular exercise of Antipodean All Hallows Absurdity.
Enjoy your Halloween.

4. Oct, 2020

President Trump's illness is a timely and trenchant reminder that the delicate frailty of life transcends all human conceits. It is, perhaps, a fitting conclusion to the Greek tragedy that has been his presidency.

9. Aug, 2020

For those of you that haven’t yet grasped the fact that our society is in serious decay – and I mean serious decay - allow me to lead you through a story I have been following since it first broke early last week. It sickened me as I followed its development.

I first heard about it on NCA NewsWire at 1635 hrs on Monday 3 August when Court Reporter, Heath Parkes-Hupton, described:

4. Aug, 2020

I am quite sure that many of you share my irritation at the on-field virtue signalling antics of many of our sports men and women. If so, you might be interested in my take on the matter.

31. Jul, 2020

The Parliament in Scotland is considering a Draconian bill which will have a profound affect on both faith and free speech in that country. This debate should hold lessons for us all. Please either click on the heading above to follow the link or go to Menu:Blog. Thank you.

5. Jul, 2020

I have just included an essay from my book on Christendom [in. litt.] for your interest and review. I would be pleased to receive your comments. Please either click on the heading above to follow the link or go to Menu:Politics:The Tome Essays. Thank you.

3. Jul, 2020

A Welcome to John Coe

I take the opportunity to extend a warm welcome to my site to an old friend and colleague.

To say that I have known John Coe for a long time would be an understatement. Indeed, it would not be stretching the point to say that I owe him my existence – for without him I would be as dust underfoot and chaff in the wind.

We have over the years mulled many ideas, shared many a robust debate, divided our sorrows and enjoyed much humour and joy.

But throughout, the touchstone of our relationship has been our mutual dismay at the exponential decline of Western Civilisation. It is to this end that I have invited John to wield his pen on my site in defence of the unashamedly superior civilisation that is the product of two millennia of history. [I have appended John’s ‘Profile’ which may be found through the Menu.]

We have revised the site somewhat to reflect our new direction.

The Front Page will be kept uncluttered to contain short comment only on matters of immediate moment. Readers will be advised of and pointed to new articles and detailed comment through the Menu. We would welcome any comment on the improvement of the site.

If you share our concerns about the manifest decline in civic virtues; increasing political chicanery, corruption and incompetence; the politicisation of every branch of government; the displacement of free-thought and expression by social engineering and political correctness, and the deliberate eradication of those values that were once distinctly honest and decent, then we hope you will support us.

Please remember, if you say nothing, if you do nothing, then nothing will happen. Now is the time to say – Enough!

Let your friends know, let your elected representatives know, that you have had – Enough!

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I would be extremely pleased to receive your comments, critical or otherwise, on these offerings. You can use the public comment section on the site, although this has a word limit; I would be pleased to hear from you direct by e.mail or, for those that are able or thus inclined, over a few beers in the pub.

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New To My Domain

The question of engagement is fundamental to the healthy working of a democratic society. In such a society you have the right to remain an outsider, an observer or an apathetic cypher in the political and social processes. By choosing thus you accept what happens to you and you forfeit the right to complain about the consequences of social or political policy. Alternatively, you can choose to ‘engage’ with these processes and endeavour to exert some little influence over your life and the future life and health of your society.

I belong unashamedly in the latter camp. I am also a moral conservative and very much a political freethinker. I can see worthlessness equally in all political actors – indeed, if there is a leitmotif in my writing, it is a deeply held suspicion of politicians and their works. A short professional career in political party organisation imbued me with the idea that politics and social policy is too important to be left in the hands of self-serving politicians. Why a short career – a victory of principle over corruption.

Thus much, but not all, my writing is about politics and social policy. For those interested in my comments in this area, I invite you to turn to the Menu and click onto my “Blog” or browse through the list of items under “Politics”.

As an historian and biographer in my real life I write about history and people. I will be increasing this content in the site in due course. I also intend to write reviews and other items which are of interest to me. I hope you might share some of these interests.

Please feel free to leave me a message: to do so you are required to leave your e.mail address - I hasten to add that it remains strictly confidential and unavailable to me - it is a digital process which allows the programme to generate a direct e.mail to you alerting you that I have responded to your comment.  

I shall also post below the title and location of some of my more recent offerings for your convenience.

Have fun, drop me a comment and Keep the Aspidistra Flying!


A Lesson From Cromwell

Keep the Aspidistra Flying
Watercolour 1971
by Eric Malthouse

Keep the Aspidistra Flying

The state of politics in the Western world is of concern to most of us.

The political paradigms have changed dramatically under our noses; our political classes have sorely failed us save in one respect, our expectation of their rapacity and arrogance; our belief in and respect for our democratic and judicial institutions is crumbling daily towards the abyss and we, the supposed font of political power, feel increasingly disenfranchised and alienated from the political system. No matter whom we vote for, we end up with a politician we are facing a crisis in our political culture.

For too long have we fiddle-faddled, content to let our elected representatives run loose in the farmyard. It is, I suggest, nigh-time that we, the people, took charge, round-up the chooks and cleanse the House of its filth.

Now is the time to say enough! Now is the time to declare war on the political establishment! In doing so I am strongly reminded of the words of Oliver Cromwell, as he dissolved the Rump Parliament in London on 20 April 1653:

For more essays on this subject please click the Menu button 'Politics' and browse through the headings.

Add headline

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.

"It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice. Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government. Ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money. In the name of God, go!”


Sam Cannon

31.01.2021 23:11

Welcome back and thank you for a genuinely honest critique of the noise that passes as news. May I ask that your next contribution includes the destruction of goodwill by China.

Rob Seager - From the Heart of Rural England

10.11.2020 11:23

I have the honour of being that "Old and very dear friend" who sent John this evocative photograph of All Saints - Rotherby.


10.11.2020 21:11

And indeed t'was very much appreciated - as has been our long and lasting friendship. Bless you old warrior.


10.11.2020 10:00

I enjoyed reading this very much.


10.11.2020 21:06

Thank you Lesley. It gave me great pleasure to write it. A spirit of brightness in an otherwise grey world.

Justen Dach

05.10.2020 01:45



17.04.2020 15:16

An excellent article, from which I have learnt a great deal. Very scary and uncertain times.


19.04.2020 21:29

Thank you very much Lesley. The machinations and sub plots are indeed scary. Let's not forget 'Ego'. There is much reputation at stake.


17.04.2020 04:05

Sun Tzu - know your enemy and in 100 battles you will never lose. Given the infantile desire of the general populace to share everything, and with leaders only concerned with the popular vote, we're..

Dr Aroha Page

Congratul tion s on a excellent posion P aper.

Dr Aroha Page

13.09.2019 10:40

18.05.2019 07:56

As always you have hit the nail on the head John!Echo your sentiments.I do concurr with the late RHawke"The re is global deficiency of members of quality standards and political calibre."


18.05.2019 06:17

Hear! Hear!

Wendy coe

30.03.2019 14:08

No corrections. I agree with everything. Very well said.

Mick espe

09.11.2018 23:10

I agree , very well written and clearly from the heart.


09.11.2018 22:08

Thank you Lesley, very much. Written from the heart.


09.11.2018 07:17

Beautifully written. So enjoyed reading this.


09.11.2018 22:19

Thank you Lesley, very much. Written from the heart.

Dr Arpha Page

09.11.2018 03:38

Brilliant.I lost,y Grandfather Ypres.So glad you are recommending book Night!Hed you would We wil
Be christening our Centenial Bell here in Perth Largest in Southern hemisphere then attend Faure Mass


09.11.2018 22:22

Thank you Aroha. So very sad about your grandfather. Ypres is synonymous with sadness.


28.08.2018 03:38

They could come up with a certificate or diploma for common sense , maybe online ?


27.08.2018 23:15

Excellent. So well written.


11.05.2018 19:46

Enjoyed reading this very much.


11.05.2018 11:24

Excellent treatise on Marx, Mordechai and very enlightening. I had a good chuckle at the last sentence. Brilliant!


18.11.2017 14:04

Enjoyed reading this very much. We don't have graduations here at school, but there are prize giving evenings for yr 11 and yr 13.


18.11.2017 06:20

Maybe a "parent's role call" would be a useful aid in setting the blessed little dears along the right path


15.11.2017 02:38

The Senate can't claim democratic creditability when 1 vote in Tasmania has the save value as 13 votes in NSW


15.11.2017 02:46

So true, thanks. And it stopped being a 'States' House on Day One!!!


19.08.2017 02:13

Tragic so tragic more lives lost to the sacrifice of tProfoundly meaningful John.Tigers eyes are burning bright with rage!!!Keep up the ethical comportment..the thin gold line....



27.05.2017 12:53

It has been a terrible and sad week for the death of totally innocent people. Thinking of Manchester too.


28.05.2017 14:26

Let us pray that the manifold sorrow has not been in vain. Perhaps we might, at last, come to appreciate the nature of the cancer abroad and in our midst.

Sam Cannon

16.10.2016 04:22

Reagan was roundly pilloried by the American Press and he did a great job, maybe Trump can.


15.07.2016 03:13

Moi aussi! Terrible.


30.06.2016 00:46

Amin, to people & Turkey.


30.06.2016 00:14


Sam Cannon

25.06.2016 06:51

Your best article yet John, strong, tight ,logical argument. I wonder if there will be a sudden swing at the end same as last election. Stand strong.

Sam Cannon

15.06.2016 02:14

It seems debate is OK provided my thoughts concur with theirs otherwise I am some sort of ogre for daring to have a different point of view. Hardly a recipe to draw out the best in us.

Sam Cannon

24.04.2016 07:46

Trump, attractive to many in the USA because the alternative want to be what they clearly cannot be ..All things to all people. He stands for something. He doesn't stand for everything, like Ruddski

Sam Cannon

24.04.2016 07:39

The British Empire once covered 1/3 of the world, it was by all accounts a harsh, harsh existence and its greatest gift was democracy but nowhere except India and Pakistan had "untouchables"


24.04.2016 01:40

I am puzzled John. What are the people supposed to listen to and what people? All I can say is that Trump may be a warning not to listen to people like him who have been around before!!!


24.04.2016 02:34

Thanks Steve. Demagogues arise in a dystopian society. Dystopia can be prevented by listening to the people. Americans are speaking out against those that have not listened.


09.04.2016 10:23

Ripper Mate, get pissed off with the mongrels that try and gouge out our eyes and ears with their political bull shit

Sam Cannon

15.03.2016 06:09

We want to have our cake and eat it too and we are told we can! The government will pay for it! Pssst the Government doesn't pay for it, we do, so let's cut our coat according to our cloth. Et voila!


27.02.2016 13:22

I worry that people will vote in June, without knowing all the facts and just thinking of certain issues, such as immigration. How many will even vote? Enjoyed reading this. More please on same topic


09.03.2016 06:07

Thanks Lesley. Quite right. There's also another concern - invert your proposition in that people may have so many contrary 'facts' they may be further confused.

Sam Cannon

27.02.2016 08:37

Brexit. countries prosper or die on the energy of their people, they do not prosper under layers of bureaucratic regulation. Brexit I say!

Bill cebula

12.02.2016 04:36

Maybe next time Kim may tie a general to a rocket and send him off to see the world. I am only trying to help him with ideas

Bill cebula

11.02.2016 08:33

Let's keep the honours but only for personal services to the crown ie QE2.. Remember Sir Bill call me Bill, QE p.a. He deserved it for keeping his mouth shut. Also being a good bloke.

Bill Cebula

11.02.2016 08:21

Now M-B you leave the N K generals alone. All those medals are for bravery ..surviving mortar, AA rounds or eaten by starving dogs.K has extraordinary imagination

Sam Cannon

27.01.2016 09:43

I cringed when seeing the contenders for Australian of the year, railroaded by Hawke to bestow it on a pop star, restored to it's rightful gravity by Howard, and now this. I was expecting "Cate ".

Keith Latimer

27.01.2016 02:33

I have always maintained that The Military doesn't exist to provide for social engineering and experimentation. I see the General as a dead set dunce. Ex Major.


27.01.2016 03:20

Hear! Hear! Sir.


26.01.2016 06:29

There was a time when the Generals fought a societie's enemies and not its views and opinions


27.01.2016 03:18

Damn good point thank you Fred. Do you mind if I use it later?

John Lone

01.12.2015 12:21

Spot on as usual John. Intersting in that the Calligan's father, Merv, was a Qld police officer in his younger day and later the General Secretary of the Quensland Police Union in the 60's 70's.


18.11.2015 23:03

So how do they go about swearing allegiance to the queen and parliament?


18.11.2015 23:41

A most interesting point. Thank you.


04.10.2015 01:45

I think Corbyn will struggle to take the Labour party to victory. Full circle to the days of Michael Foot. I like his politics, but he will not appeal to enough voters.


09.10.2015 05:17

Thanks Lesley. I agree. Although the party has had a spike in membership I don't think Corbyn will get enough traction amongst Mr & Mrs UK.

Sam Cannon

15.09.2015 10:37

I will hold my judgement to the next election. Every country deserves the government it gets and a return to Labor will be the end of this country. It won't be worth fighting for.

Sam Cannon

14.09.2015 06:00

Re the Tom and Jerry show as it is being dubbed. I'm afraid My Dear Johnny Coe, Corbyne is a whimsical dalliance for those who lament the passing of the winter of our discontent. Trident stays.


18.06.2015 17:21

Once again you have nailed it keep spreading the word

Sam Cannon

10.06.2015 03:57

Further to my comments re Bond: Thanks Tiny Roland.

Sam Cannon

09.06.2015 06:59

Marriage equality. Like Chaotic Kevin, Shrill Bill's epiphany was a dream that vanished like a rainbow in a sun shower.

Sam Cannon

09.06.2015 06:51

Re: Bond. In the Balance Sheet of life Bond died bankrupt owing vast sums to Mums n Dads who never recovered from his grand theft.


02.06.2015 19:22

Like the new look.


02.06.2015 22:38

Thanks Lesley - I thought the other one was getting a little 'ponderous'. Take care.

Sam Cannon

02.06.2015 06:15

New format is fine John, we will get used to it. Note the ACF failed to have the Barrier Reef listed as endangered, a rich source of hyperbole, distortion, and lies.


02.06.2015 07:53

The new format is me getting in touch with my artistic side!! The ACF really took a hit - good one!

Sam Cannon

02.06.2015 06:09

Re 02/06 and 26/05 Bullseye John. We are so well off nobody gives a toss. We ignore and avoid a disagreement with China at our peril. What's Johnny Depp up to?


02.06.2015 07:51

I like that one Sam. It's the core in-Depp discussion amongst the chattering classes.


28.05.2015 12:54

Enjoyed reading this blog very much. Looking forward to the next.


28.05.2015 12:46

Lovely photo.


28.05.2015 23:10

Thanks Lesley. Coming from Darwin I was cold. I had a lovely b/fast of strong coffee and ham roll just after I took the photo in a cafe just down that street.


26.05.2015 08:48

Be "true unto one's self" - would be so much better than "carpe diem" as an inking, Captain.


27.05.2015 08:45

Agree completely Keith. There is something slightly self-centric about 'carpe diem'.

Sam Cannon

26.05.2015 07:27

Your views were well formed as a 14 year old, rounded out with the passing of the years, to make the character you are. In awe of you then and now. Affectuose.


26.05.2015 08:04

Thank you my old friend. You and I owe much to Lindisfarne College - it taught us the meaning of virtue and true friendship. God Bless you.


26.05.2015 06:01

Love that pic John! Very artistic.


26.05.2015 08:07

Thanks mate. Taken in 1983 with a 1959 Zeiss Ikon Contaflex.


26.05.2015 03:31

Once again, as a fellow inmate I am not disappointed!


26.05.2015 08:11

Thank you Steve - coming from a fellow inmate, high praise indeed.