3. Nov, 2014

Aust Special Forces Thumb Twiddling by Numbers

Some six weeks after their despatch Australia’s special forces commandos are still twiddling their thumbs in some benighted … hole in the UAE awaiting permission from Iraq to deploy in that equally benighted country.

Has anyone asked why? What are they doing there?

If Iraq doesn’t want them, send the poor bloody bastards home. Why were they sent there in the first place without permission?

Domestic politics, dear readers. Domestic politics. Given our big talking Prime Minister’s cowardice in failing to address the all-important constitutional matter of freedom of speech in this country and given his other notable policy back downs, his quest to revive his flagging fortunes is totally exlicable. Magician like he invoked the spectre of terrorism and arbitrarily despatched Australia’s military once again to the Middle East.

Without so much as a beg your pardon, he sent a squadron and ancillary support of Australia’s ‘Super’ Hornets – hardly the most sophisticated fighter bomber in the world - to Al Minhad Air Base in the United Arab Emirates some 24km south of Dubai. Six weeks ago they were joined by, estimates vary, but up to two hundred of No. 2 Commando who are now cooling their heels – figuratively speaking of course - on special pay and conditions  - awaiting permission - permission I ask you – from the egregious rabble that constitutes the government of Iraq. Shades of Viet Nam. You’d better believe me.

What in the name of the Good Lord in sandshoes are we doing there? The Middle East is not in our strategic area of interest. It crosses no Strategic Lines of Communications; our involvement results in thousands of controversial refugees; and our presence causes international Islamic angst. What have we become – the world's mercenaries? Has Abbott just caught up with the Crusades? Not even the Brits, usually gung-ho in these matters, have committed themselves so unreservedly to such a worthless cause.  

Does this country ever learn from its mistakes? No. Every Prime Minister and every Foreign Minister this country has ever had loves to strut the international stage. Every man, Jack and Jill of them. And now the collective bastards have committed Brisbane to the excesses of the G20 gab fest. The money, security, energy, ill-will and general inconvenience this worthless exercise is costing that poor city is prohibitive. Bring on the rotten eggs and ripe tomatoes.

Abbott, an ex-boxing blue, should know that he is punching well above his weight. This round – the Crisis with ISIS – will end in tears. It will last a long time. It will cost us unnecessary lives. It will cost us millions of taxpayers’ dollars.

Again, you’d better believe me.



Steve Vigh

03.11.2014 08:53

I hope our fearless leader will shirt front some bastard and get his well deserved come-uppance


03.11.2014 09:39

I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you for your comment.

Bill Cebula

03.11.2014 02:52

Only writing a counterpoint to keep this fascinating blog going. In one word we are there wherever because the yanks have not extricated themselves

Latest comments

08.11 | 06:21

The Australian community is in for a world of long overdue pain. It is wholly its own fault for which I have nil sympathy.

08.11 | 06:15

Thanks indeed for the comment. I do agree that we badly need to 'clean out the swamp'. Trump certainly stirred those fetid waters.

08.11 | 05:22

I agree with the general thrust of your comments but the Australian community believes the governments can deliver without pain and there will be a lot of pain up ahead.

07.11 | 11:17

Nice job on the essay John, but regardless of his positions, Dutton is too much a cretin of the past, he also looks like the walking dead. We don't need more career politicians, we need a Trump.

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