11. Oct, 2015

The Black Tragedy of Chicago

Another mass shooting in America provided a welcome diversion for an inept President. Without trivializing the tragedy at Oregon it is fair to say that it has given Barack Obama a Heaven sent opportunity to shift the focus away from his foreign policy failures in the Middle East and the spectre of Russia rampant.

Making a high profile visit to the conservative community of Roseburg, Oregon, to visit and comfort the families of victims of the deadly rampage at Umpqua Community College, Obama received a mixed reception. Ostensibly the civic reception was warm – but not all welcomed him – the father of one of the wounded accused Obama of playing politics with the tragedy. Notwithstanding, Obama made his usual impassioned call for stricter gun controls.

This has been his usual response to such tragedies. In this he is now joined by the egregious Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton who has given voice to her politically expedient ‘moral outrage’ on the subject.

Hot on the heels of the Roseburg tragedy came news that one person was killed and three others suffered multiple gunshot wounds at Northern Arizona University. The incident occurred in a parking lot next to a residence hall, which is a designated 'gun-free' zone. In Houston, one person was killed and another wounded at a campus apartment complex at Texas Southern University.[1]

Yes gun control is a hoary American chestnut. It is also the font of some of the basest political hypocrisy – and on the subject of hypocrisy let us return to the bumbling Obama.    

Barack Obama comes from Chicago. According to the US Census Bureau snapshot Chicago has a population of 2,722,389. In the 2010 Census some 45% of the population were categorised as being ‘white alone’; 32.9% black or African alone’; Hispanic or Latino 28.9% and Asians 5.5%.[2]

Chicago is considered to be one of the most regulated cities in America for gun control.

“Concealed carry” is almost nonexistent. In order to purchase a gun or ammunition one requires a Firearm Owners Identification card in the entire State of Illinois. Moreover, to possess a firearm in Chicago city the purchaser requires a Chicago Firearm Permit.

 It might be added that not only are gun owners heavily regulated in Chicago, so are their firearms. All long ‘guns’ with a grip protruding from the stock or a firearm with a telescoping stock is prohibited and classified as an “assault weapon.” Magazines are limited to a 12-round capacity.

Air rifles with a muzzle velocity of 700 feet-per-second are classified as a “firearm.” A stun-gun — a non-lethal device with no projectile — is considered a deadly weapon and cannot be carried for self-defense.

 Chicago, for all intents and purposes, is therefore a “gun-free zone.” [3]

Having said thus, the online news site, The Daily Caller calculates that someone in Chicago has been shot every 2.84 hours this year for a total of 2,349 shootings during the period of January 1, 2015 to October 6, 2015. These figures were arrived at by an analysis of crime statistics published by no less an authority than the Chicago Tribune.

Indeed, this year Chicago is expected to eclipse the 2014 milestone of a shooting every 3.38 hours with a total victim count of 2,587.”[4]

The Chicago Tribune reports that a violent September in Chicago ended with more homicides than any other month this year and the second-most shootings, according to data kept by the Tribune's breaking news desk. Though the summer months in Chicago are traditionally the most violent, shootings last month decreased little from August and there were about 50 percent more shootings than September 2014.

The Tribune’s analysis posits that September last was the city’s most lethal since September 2002. For two consecutive weekends there were more than 50 people shot, the first time that has happened in the four years that the Tribune has been tracking shootings.

Statistic charts prepared by the Tribune illustrate shootings and homicides in Chicago since 2012. [5] The data was compiled by Tribune reporters about shooting victims.

Shootings tend to cluster in the South and West sides of the city. Community areas such as Austin and West Englewood have seen the most shootings so far in 2015.

In addition to shootings, September 2015 has had more homicides than any other month in the last three years. The Tribune began tracking Chicago homicides daily in 2013.

The data illustrates that the majority of shooting victims in Chicago were 25- to 29-year-old men. The youngest victim was 11 months old, while the oldest was 81. An analysis of homicide victims from the end of August, based on preliminary Chicago police data, also showed that more than three-quarters of homicide victims in Chicago were black.[6]

Indeed, the mainstream media widely reported the fact that, in a 15-hour period between Monday night and Tuesday morning [28-29 September] a total of 14 people were shot in Chicago, including two young boys. Six of those people died.[7]  

The foregoing speaks volumes about Obama’s selective outrage. Instead of raging against or confronting this disgraceful stain on America, Obama attempted to divert attention by disingenuously challenging  the media to “tally up the number of Americans who’ve been killed through terrorist attacks in the last decade and the number of Americans who’ve been killed by gun violence, and post those side by side.”  Most of the media obediently did and without doubt the death by gun violence by far outweighed the former – 3,521 contra 8,512.

So?  What do those comparisons even prove? Nothng. The two issues are completely unrelated. So forget about it.

The ‘black’ tragedy of Chicago is a reflection of gang related and black on black violence. This is a serious cancer in the heart of the black community.  That Obama has to date proved himself only too willing to lay the race card – indeed, who owes his presidency to race – is unwilling to vent outrage at these outrageous figures masks a cynical exercise in hypocrisy.

It is easy to stand on the national stage and wring ones hands about the injustice and manifest tragedy of mass shootings far away from home and your own constituents.  It is quite another matter to stand up in your own back yard and condemn those that voted for you and to call them for what they are – irresponsible thugs and murderers.

Far too often has Obama played fast and loose with racially sensitive points of violence – whether it be police, domestic, military, gangland, religious or just plain crazies.   

It is Mordechai’s view that Obama’s failure to condemn the ‘Black Tragedy of Chicago’ is yet another example of why Barack Obama will be regarded by posterity as the most racially divisive president in the history of the United States of America.  


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Sam Cannon

12.10.2015 07:16

One thing is for certain John, no matter how awful the senseless shootings, the Americans will never change while ever y'all NRA members hang onto their right to bear arms.

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08.11 | 06:21

The Australian community is in for a world of long overdue pain. It is wholly its own fault for which I have nil sympathy.

08.11 | 06:15

Thanks indeed for the comment. I do agree that we badly need to 'clean out the swamp'. Trump certainly stirred those fetid waters.

08.11 | 05:22

I agree with the general thrust of your comments but the Australian community believes the governments can deliver without pain and there will be a lot of pain up ahead.

07.11 | 11:17

Nice job on the essay John, but regardless of his positions, Dutton is too much a cretin of the past, he also looks like the walking dead. We don't need more career politicians, we need a Trump.

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