Several miles west of Georgetown. North Queensland.
[Photo: John Coe]

To You All!

May the Spirit that Guides you

Grant you a most Holy and Blessed Christmas 

Mordechai .........


Keith Latimer

24.12.2015 00:12

Return best wishes to you and Wendy during Christmas and the New Year. Keith & Anne

colin haywood

23.12.2015 11:00

Dear John We wish you Both a Happy Chrismas May God Bless you BOTH will send an email soon All our Love Col.

Sam Cannon

23.12.2015 08:32

And to you My Dear Johnny Coe, marking approximately 53 years of friendship. Age will forbid us a repeat but time should grant us many more. Stay well and stay safe. Affectuose. Sam

Latest comments

08.11 | 06:21

The Australian community is in for a world of long overdue pain. It is wholly its own fault for which I have nil sympathy.

08.11 | 06:15

Thanks indeed for the comment. I do agree that we badly need to 'clean out the swamp'. Trump certainly stirred those fetid waters.

08.11 | 05:22

I agree with the general thrust of your comments but the Australian community believes the governments can deliver without pain and there will be a lot of pain up ahead.

07.11 | 11:17

Nice job on the essay John, but regardless of his positions, Dutton is too much a cretin of the past, he also looks like the walking dead. We don't need more career politicians, we need a Trump.

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